Why shortening in pie crust? (2023)

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The pros: Shortening has a higher melting point than lard or butter, so it's easy to incorporate into pie dough and roll out. ... It's also helpful when making any kind of decorative pie crust, because doughs made with shortening hold their shape the best during baking.

What are two advantages of using butter instead of shortening in a pastry dough?

The crust's flakiness is created by the steam produced from the water while it bakes. The butter will add a rich flavor to your finished pie crust. Shortening is 100% vegetable oil, which allows for a higher melting point than butter, so it stays solid within the pie crust dough in your oven longer.

What can I substitute for shortening in a pie crust?

Butter or margarine can be used instead, adding a couple of extra tablespoons per cup of shortening called for in a recipe. So for every 1 cup of shortening called for in a recipe, use 1 cup butter or margarine plus 2 tablespoons.

Do you need shortening for pie crust?

The Theory: Conventional wisdom states that for a crust with the best flavor, you want to use all butter. But for a crust that's easier to work with and comes out more tender and flaky, you need to cut it with a softer fat like shortening or lard.

Why might shortening be ideal for a pie crust?

Shortening: The fat of choice for pie baking in the fifties and sixties, shortening has a very high melting point, which makes it very easy to mix into pie crust. With less chance of overmixing and/or melting the fat, you're better ensured flaky layers in your crust.

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What is better for pie crust butter or shortening?

The pros: Butter has the best flavor and it forms light, lofty, flaky layers in pie crust. ... The cons: Butter can be harder to work with than lard or shortening because of its lower melting point, so the dough temperature has to be just right. If it gets too warm, it will be too soft to handle and will tear easily.

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What is better for pie crust Crisco or butter?

The Pie Crust Takeaways

Butter made a tastier, flakier, sturdier crust by far. This isn't to say that shortening and lard aren't useful ingredients. Shortening is a great way to get incredibly tender desserts.

What does adding egg to pie crust do?

Egg: This makes the dough more pliable and easy to roll out. Eggs also make the crust more compact. Acid and Alcohol: Both acid and alcohol tenderize pie dough, make it easier to roll out, and prevent it from shrinking in your pan.

What does adding vinegar to pie crust do?

Adding vinegar helps to tenderize the crust and also inhibits gluten development, keeping your dough soft. You need just a bit of this and don't worry…you won't taste it once the pie is baked.

What is the best type of flour to use for pie crust?

Flour: For a tender crust, choose a low-protein flour. Pastry flour, with a protein content of about 8-10%, ranks between all-purpose flour and cake flour. All-purpose flour works just fine for pie crusts, while cake flour might lack enough protein to form a workable, elastic dough.

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What are examples of shortening?

A shortening is defined as a fat, solid at room temperature, which can be used to give foods a crumbly and crisp texture such as pastry. Examples of fat used as “shorteners” include butter, margarine, vegetable oils and lard.

What is a good substitute for Crisco shortening?

So, for every cup of Crisco, you should add 1 cup of butter/margarine plus an extra 2 tablespoons. So if you have no Crisco available, both butter and margarine are great substitutes.

What is a healthy substitute for shortening?

Banana puree, applesauce or prune purees are healthy substitutions for vegetable shortening. Although the flavors may be slightly different, you will become accustomed to the difference.

What can be used to substitute shortening?

6 Best Shortening Substitutes That You Likely Already Have in Your Fridge

  • Shortening Substitute: Butter. YelenaYemchukGetty Images. ...
  • Shortening Substitute: Coconut Oil. ...
  • Shortening Substitute: Margarine. ...
  • Shortening Substitute: Lard. ...
  • Shortening Substitute: Vegetable Oil. ...
  • Shortening Substitute: Vegan Butter.

How bad is Crisco?

Crisco and other partially hydrogenated vegetable shortenings were later found to have their own health issues, most notably trans fats, which were found to contribute as much to heart disease as saturated fats.

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Is it better to use shortening or butter in cookies?

Which One Should I Use in Cookies? Basically, cookies made with butter spread more and are flatter and crisper if baked long enough. However, they are more flavorful than cookies made with shortening. Cookies made with shortening bake up taller and are more tender, but aren't as flavorful.

What can I do with a ruined pie crust?

If you've ever made a pie from scratch, you know that there's always some dough leftover.
10 Ways to Use Leftover Pie Dough

  1. Bite-size quiches. ...
  2. Flaky cinnamon rolls. ...
  3. Mini empanadas. ...
  4. Nutty cookies. ...
  5. Wee pains aux chocolats. ...
  6. Sundae toppings. ...
  7. Homemade cheese crackers. ...
  8. Exotic pigs in blankets.

How do you keep pie crust from getting tough?

Roll, roll, scrape and turn. Roll, roll, roll, scrape and turn. This prevents the dough from getting stuck to the work surface.
Caption Options

  1. Chill. Cold butter is a key to pie dough success. ...
  2. Pulse, Pulse, Pulse. ...
  3. Get It Wet. ...
  4. Gather. ...
  5. Chill, Again. ...
  6. Roll.

Why should pastry dough be handled as little as possible?

Once liquid is added, the pastry should be handled lightly and as little as possible. Over-handling develops the gluten in the flour, which makes pastry tough and causes it to shrink in the oven.

Do eggs go in pie crust?

Traditionally no, pie crust does not contain eggs. It is made only out of flour, water, a pinch of salt, sugar, and a type of fat. The fat is usually butter but it can easily be swapped for margarine or shortening or something similar that firms at room temp.

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Why does my pastry keep cracking?

If dough is difficult to roll and starts to crack, it may be too dry. ... When the dough is evenly moist, carefully start to roll it out. If it's still cracking a bit around the edges, let it warm up for 2 to 3 minutes. Any longer and the dough will become too warm.

Can you replace shortening with butter in pie crust?

So if you need a substitute for shortening in cookies, a one-to-one butter swap will work great. ... Piecrust made with butter or margarine will not be as flaky as one made with shortening. If you're a fan of flaky, you may not want to substitute butter for shortening in pie crust.

What happens if you dont Chill pie crust?

Non-chilled crust is fairly crumbly and less smooth, which makes it harder to roll out and means it may not look as polished. It will brown more quickly and the final product will likely be tougher, heavier, and more doughy – none of those in a bad way. It will likely have a more intense, butter flavor.

Is Crisco healthier than butter?

Until recently, it was also thought to be healthier because it contains less saturated fat than butter and lard. However, we now know that highly processed shortening offers no health advantages over butter or lard and may in fact be a less nutritious choice ( 5 , 6 ).

Why is lard better for pie crust than shortening?

It has a very neutral flavor (very little pork flavor) which makes it ideal for pie crusts and baking in general as it makes a great non-hydrogenated alternative to shortening. Does lard make the best pie crust? Pie crusts made with lard are flaky and crisp, while all-butter crusts have rich flavor and tenderness.

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