Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (2023)

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (1)

Gabriel of Pendleton, OR Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 6, 2023

I bought my car in September 2022, and it is now February 2023 and I have put a lot of money into fixing it. The headlights were not working, and we did not know when we got it, they said it was our problem for not noticing it when we were looking at it, and I live a few hours away from our nearest car hop. Just this past month I have taken it to a shop twice and have had mechanic work on it. I am taking it back to a transmission mechanic tomorrow so I will be down to one car with my family, and we work different shifts. I was a day late ONCE and they blew up my phone and kept saying if I did not make a payment right then and there "Serious consequence would happen".

I am meeting with a lemon law lawyer this week. I have had tie rods replaced, o2 sensors, exhaust seals, brand new tires and alignment and head casket. I am paying $500 a month for a hunk of junk and was way over charged for $12,000 total for a 2007 GMC. Please as desperate as you may be for a car do not buy from here, me and my spouse were desperate for a bigger car for me and my 3 kids and now paying the consequences. They target individuals with horrible credit and repo's on record.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (2)

Christina of Federal Way, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 12, 2022

I just got my car a month ago and I have had problems since day one. I have been to a mechanic shop and they said a lot was wrong with it and I was told if it's an emission problem it's not their problem. My car has been stalling while driving. I can't use my ac or my heater or the car stalls. It idles under 600 rpm. I need the car for work and to get my daughter and now my work may suffer because I may have to miss more work. I'm so mad I want to cry.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (3)

cherie of Moose Lake, MN Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 24, 2022

My experience is always a great one. I've bought 3 vehicles and happy with all of them. Thomas in Crystal was very nice and helped me drive home in a new car.

I hit a deer with my last vehicle and I needed a vehicle. My insurance only paid part of the payment and CarHop worked with me to get another one. I didn't find what I really wanted in Duluth so Scott in Duluth helped me find what I wanted at another carhop store. I'm grateful to all of you. I also sent my daughter to Duluth to buy her car and they were wonderful to her and she is very happy with her car. Thanks again.

Cherie A

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (4)

Carrie of Nampa, ID Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 27, 2021

CarHop is the worst place to purchase a vehicle. These people sold me a car that they knew the check engine light wouldn't go off. It had the exhaust cut off. They were supposed to fix that so the catalytic converter started going out of the car and then they tried to tell me they weren't responsible for it. They however they did promise to fix the exhaust but they never.

They won't offer you a rental car and since you only are required to have liability your insurance isn't going to give you one if a your car breaks so don't plan on that and then they somehow come up with this money that you owe then even though you've made payments and don't struggle whatever you do because they don't understand the struggle. They don't care. They want their money. That's it so they'll turn your car off all the time. They care. They won't make arrangements either. They're all very unprofessional. This place is the worst place. Very disrespectful and none of them really know what they're talking about because everybody gives you different answer.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (5)

Melissa of Unity, WI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 23, 2021

I completely got taken for a fool. The vehicle I got is a piece of crap. I've put more money into this thing than I've paid in payments. Had for a year and have nothing but problems since day 8 of course because after 7 you're stuck with it. Nothing like being stranded several times. I will never buy from them again.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (6)

Chelsea of Fort Collins, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 16, 2021

Don't buy from them. They will sell you junk then make you believe that you're getting something that they will cover to be fixed then they won't fix anything. Basically nothing is covered under their POS warranty. they are just scammers trying to make money by manipulation. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (7)

Kirsten of Eden Prairie, MN Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 6, 2021

I have purchased my cars from this company, for a very long time. My last car was a 2005 Santa Fe. Over the years I have put a lot of money into that car. That's what happens when you buy an older car. And I loved this car, so I was ok putting the money in. A few weeks ago my wipers stopped working, so I bring it in, (to my shop of choice) and my poor car has too much wrong with it now. Not to the point that it was not safe to drive, but to the point that all my money would be pumped into it for the unforeseeable future. I left my shop and when straight to a dealership and purchased a much newer (2017) Santa Fe with a crazy low (low to me) interest rate.

Some cars I purchased from them were the worst, and some cars, like my last car, were the best. But because of CarHop working with me for so many years, they helped me get my credit score up to where I was now able to walk into a dealership and say "I want that car." Love em or hate em. Freedom of choice. Not all of my dealings with them were good, but not all were bad either. But I will always be thankful that they kept me on the road to work and back, and helped my raise my credit score.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (8)

Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (9)

Michael of Auburn, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 3, 2021

I'll be the 1st to admit that I foolishly jeopardized my credit years ago, and in doing so there are limited options made available to me when it comes to purchasing power. While consciously making improvements to my credit worthiness for over a year & half, I'm still facing hurdles and Carhop Auburn, WA is an even BIGGER hurdle. No one deserves the gimmick of being lured into thinking I'm being given a 2nd chance & then being sold a lemon that completely breaks down because of engine issues in 3 weeks and told "sorry, it's your problem now." I'm on disability and every cent matters to me.

If you are reading reviews about ANY Carhop location in preparation to buy a car, PLEASE, PLEASE, I beg of you, I'm BEGGING YOU, save yourself the trouble of bringing frustration, anger, disappointment, loss of YOUR hard earned money, another major unneeded credit hit, and a cast of players disguised as helpful, caring, compassionate, honest, hardworking business people. We have Amazon Prime, Tubi, Fire, etc for all that drama.

Heed the infinite warnings being supplied to you by those of us who have found ourselves deceived by this den of liars & thieves. I'm sure most, if not all, of us who took the time to warn YOU & the other complete strangers about the unethical, out for blood Carhop salesmanship that is obviously ingrained into their business model, then it must be more than just a warning sign.

Everyone has pressing matters to attend, and everyone here could've spent their time doing other things, but we all felt compelled to help people we don't know, and will likely never know. It's also evidence that there is still a lot of caring, compassionate people in this world. Take our kind pleas and do yourself a GINORMOUS favor: instead of opening Pandora's Carhop box, choose You 1st and just walk, crawl, take the yellow brick road with Dot, backflip or cartwheel it, bus or train it, cab it, rent a stretch limo, order an ambulance (not really), Uber it, swim the English Channel doing backstrokes, and even hitchhike it. SOMETHING ELSE makes you wise.

Sidenote: I fully stand behind my statements and my opinions about the service and product of carhop is based on my own personal relationship with the so-called company. There is an exception I want to acknowledge and that is of my Account Manager, Michelle, whom I've only dealt with through emails. She has been an example of true customer serviceship beyond belief and relief. She's shown compassion and trust during 2 situations out of my control when she didn't necessarily have to. She could've been like the sales manager I dealt with and like the countless employees others are reporting. Thank you, Michelle, & kudos for going against the grain. More power to you.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (10)

Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (11)

Amy of Redgranite, WI Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 29, 2021

Went to this company to get a reliable dependable car or so I thought. I'm glad I had my husband with me. I was given 3 choices. My first choice I was offered had a shake in it when you went to stop so we took it back and looked it over real well. After asking the dealer about the vehicle, he hadn't a clue. He just said, "I don't know anything about the car. I just started in Jan." My husband proceeds to look under the car, the whole rocker arm on 1 side was completely rusted thru. My second choice I was given was the vehicle I have now. We drove it and at the time I liked it so after checking for the same issue as the last I accepted the vehicle. 3 days later I was learning the buttons and found my message center and in it it said the break booster was bad.

So I called Car Credit and they had me call their mechanics and I went in and left without my car. The mechanic wouldn't let me drive it stating it was a safety issue. Fast forward a week later I get it back. That same day it started making noises in the brakes. I called them again and was told to return it to the same mechanic. They looked at it and said there's nothing wrong with it. That was 2 weeks ago and the issue STILL hasn't been fixed. They had me make another appointment with a mechanic closer to home but they want the car for the entire day. They won't give me a loaner and they won't pay for a rental.

I can't afford to give them my car for an entire day. I depend on my vehicle for work. I'm a in home caregiver who deal with multiple people every day and I can't or should say won't let any of my clients in the car in fear of causing an accident. The dealership in Appleton Wisconsin is very rude and say it's my problem if I can't give them my car for an entire day. I practically live in the thing as I work sometimes 12 hrs a day. I thought about just fixin it at my own mechanics and not give them a payment but if I don't they'll turn the car off and I'll be stuck without a car so it's a no win for me. Don't EVER do business with them. Run far far away.

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Top 426 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Reviews (12)

Dale of Everett, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 12, 2021

Went in to look at the Nissan Cube and was told it was not available due to office was robbed and they had no keys or title because of the robbery. Went back later and looked at it and went into the office to buy it. Was given the price, it was very expensive because of the warranty they offer, said did not want the warranty, was told I have to buy the car with the warranty. Left the dealership.

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