Starbucks Coffee Traveler: What It Is, How to Order, Prices (2023)

It’s not surprising to find office people dropping by a coffee shop to buy everyones’ dose of caffeine before a meeting.

But it’s not so economical to buy individual cups of coffee for everyone, or is it?

With the Starbucks Coffee Traveler, you get fresh coffee in one box, good for the whole team at a reasonable price.

You can even skip the rush hour wait and order through their website.

If you haven’t heard about this great Starbucks offer, we’re here to tell you all about it. So Read on!

What Is Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

The Coffee Traveler is unlike your usual disposable coffee cup. Coffee travelers come in boxes that are spill-free and easy to carry.

These boxes hold up to 96 fl oz of brewed coffee, equivalent to twelve 8 fl oz cups. You can even opt for the Starbucks gallon coffee depending on the number of servings you prefer.

These coffee carriers are designed for big groups and are perfect for meetings, picnics, or whatever event that calls for a caffeine fix.

What Comes With the Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

Just like most items on the Starbucks menu, the Starbucks Coffee Traveler can be customized to your liking. It comes in various shapes, sizes, tastes, and add-ons.

Typically, the Starbucks box of coffee will come with:

  • Twelve 8 oz cups or eight 12 oz cups
  • Milk
  • Sugar packs
  • Stir sticks
  • Napkins

The number of cups and their sizing can be customized according to your order. By ordering through the app, you can specify exactly what you need.

How Much Is Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

The price of the Starbucks Coffee Traveler is based on the size of the box and the store locations you order from.

TAKE NOTE: Some cities may have different prices than others.

Starbucks Box of Coffee

The price to expect on a standard Starbucks box of coffee is around $15.95 to $19.95, regardless of whichever blend you prefer.

This contains 96 ounces of brewed coffee that can keep warm for about 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the weather of the day.

You will be charged extra if you ask for milk alternatives and sweeteners apart from what usually comes with the set.

Starbucks Gallon Coffee

If you need a bigger serving size for a bigger crowd, you can opt for the Starbucks gallon coffee.

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These boxes are available in 1-gallon, 2.5-gallon, or 5-gallon sizes.

They can cater up to 16, 40, and 80 servings, with price points at $20, $45, and $90, respectively.

For that price, it’s guaranteed you will enjoy big savings!

Starbucks Coffee Traveler: What It Is, How to Order, Prices (1)

Is Starbucks Coffee Traveler Worth Buying?

YES, it is definitely worth its price!

A cup of coffee at Starbucks will cost you anything around $4, depending on the size of the cup and the type of coffee beans used.

However, the price of a box that serves 12 cups of hot coffee is a great deal with big money savings!

Apart from that, you don’t have to bother asking about each person’s preferred coffee. The Coffee Traveler saves you a ton of time!

The ONLY DOWNSIDE we see is that you only get to choose one blend for the whole group. So it’s best to get the majority vote.

Overall, we think it’s still worth the price you are paying for. At the least, your guests can adjust the creamer and sugar they like in their coffee.

How to Purchase a Starbucks Coffee Traveler

According to the company, the most convenient way to order is through their website or app.

Whether you are at home, commuting, or at the office, all you have to do is scroll and order whatever you want!

When you order, make sure to indicate your preferred cup sizes, sugars, sweeteners, and creamers. You can also opt for milk alternatives and other add-ons for a fee.

Once you’ve placed an order, you can opt for delivery or pick up. This option may depend on location.

If you decide to pick up your order, call Starbucks and let them know when they should expect your arrival.

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This is crucial because if they happen to prepare your order too early, your coffee will get cold. And if you don’t let them know soon enough, you’ll waste time waiting in line too.

The Different Types of Starbucks Coffee Travelers

You can choose from four different tastes available. These tastes depend on the coffee beans used and their roast.

We encourage getting the preference of the majority for a more satisfying experience.

Starbucks Coffee Traveler: What It Is, How to Order, Prices (2)

1. Blonde Roast

(Veranda Blend, Bright Sky)

The Blonde roast is the go-to for coffee lovers who prefer a lighter and sweeter coffee roast. Easily, this is the most common roast type among Coffee Travelers because of its smooth texture.

This blend has a lighter flavor mixture of milk, sugar, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. If the majority of the crowd are not big espresso fans, then this flavor profile is a good choice.

2. Dark Roast

(Sumatra, Cafe Verona, Morning Joe, Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, French Roast)

Looking for a strong and rich blend to keep everyone alert through a tedious work day? The dark roast is your answer!

This blend is the STRONGEST tasting coffee roast among the four options.

It is the perfect choice if you have to travel early or have a meeting first thing in the morning when you need your senses fully awakened.

Many people, young and old, love this classic drink because its thickness screams CAFFEINE.

And at a very reasonable price, you even enjoy its delicious aroma that can fill up the room! Who would complain about that?

3. Pike Place Roast

(Breakfast Blend, Columbia, House Blend)

For anyone who likes a well-balanced coffee taste, you will never go wrong with the Pike Place Roast!

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This blend was concocted by Starbucks’ master blenders and roasters back in 2008. It has been well-accepted and even dubbed to be one of the best by many consumers ever since.

Its taste is a perfect balance of semi-sweet and bitterness, with smooth and rich flavorful notes of cocoa and toasted nuts from Latin America.

It is not too strong and not too sweet. This drink can be consumed any time of the day.

4. Decaf Pike Place Roast

This is the decaf version of the Pike Place Roast. This is the go-to for people who love the taste of coffee but have a caffeine intolerance or just want something without the boost.

96% of its caffeine content might have been lost through the whole process, but it does not mean it loses its rich taste too.

The flavors of cocoa and nuts in Pike Place Roast are well preserved.

You can still enjoy great-tasting coffee without the risk of sleepless nights and palpitations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions before placing an order? We’ve got you covered!

Can I Order a Starbucks Traveler Ahead of Time?

YES, it is even encouraged. There are limited coffee makers per location, and with a lot in their hands, pre-ordering will be advantageous!

If your meeting starts at 9 AM, for example, place your order online at least an hour ahead. So when it arrives, you get to serve it hot.

Does My Hot Coffee Stay Warm Until It Arrives?

Starbucks is confident its cups and boxes are well-insulated. This means it can keep its beverages hot for a long time.

They say the best holding time is up to 2 hours from the brewing and filling process.

However, also take into consideration the weather and temperature of your location.

Naturally, your coffee will stay hot longer if it is a hot summer day. But if you are located in colder areas, it might be challenging to keep it hot when it arrives.

Order a Starbucks Coffee Traveler TODAY!

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler will undoubtedly give you the most value for your money. You get good-tasting coffee at a perfectly reasonable price!

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Plus, you have 4 types of blends you can choose from. And the box contains everything you would need to conveniently serve at a picnic, corporate meeting, or whatever occasion you may be hosting.

What more can you ask for?

Convinced yet on what a great deal Starbucks Coffee Travelers can be? If so, go ahead and download the Starbucks app now!


What is the price coffee traveler at Starbucks? ›

Starbucks Coffee Travelers are the perfect pick-me-up if you're looking for coffee for your office meeting. You can choose between 8-ounce or 12-ounce cups, with a box of either size costing around $5. You can also choose Pike Place, Dark Roast, or the delicious Veranda Blend®.

What comes with a Starbucks coffee traveler? ›

MSU Bakers is proudly serving Starbucks Coffee and now you can order a traveler to go. The box serves 8 cups of Pike Place coffee and stays hot for 2 - 3 hours. Cups, lids, coffee cream, sugar, stir sticks, and napkins included.

How many servings in a Starbucks coffee Traveler? ›

Coffee Traveler - Veranda Blend®

A convenient carrier filled with 96 fl oz of our brewed Starbucks® Blonde Veranda Blend® (equivalent to 12 8-fl-oz cups), perfect for meetings, picnic gatherings or any occasion that calls for coffee.

How much is a box of Starbuck coffee? ›

How Much Is A Starbucks Carton Of Coffee? A Starbucks carton of coffee is $40. Each box of coffee includes 12 cups of coffee, sugar packets, milk, stir sticks, and napkins.

How many cups can a Travelers from Starbucks serve? ›

A convenient carrier filled with 96 fl oz of our featured brewed medium roast coffee (equivalent of twelve 8 fl oz cups)—a perfect pick-me-up for meetings, picnics or whatever occasion calls for coffee.

How many servings in a Starbucks box? ›

Starbucks Coffee Via Ready Brew, Instant Coffee, Veranda flavor, 1 box of 8 individual servings.

How far in advance should I order Starbucks traveler? ›

Coffee Traveler can only serve 12 people, so 60 minutes ahead of time is required.

How much coffee do I need for 50 guests? ›

Amount to serve:

1 gallon regular coffee per 50 attendees.

How much coffee do I need for 100 guests? ›

So for a group of 100 folks, you're looking at about 60 of those being coffee drinkers in the morning and 40 in the afternoon. Of the morning drinkers, 40 will have regular coffee. That's four gallons of regular, 1-2 gallons of decaf and 1-2 gallons of tea. Of the afternoon drinkers, 24 will drink regular coffee.

How much is a Starbucks coffee gallon? ›

Although the price of coffee beans fluctuates, a gallon of Starbucks coffee is typically around $50. This price includes the cost of the beans, the brewing, and the cup.

How many does a coffee box serve? ›

With a capacity of 96 ounces, these coffee to go boxes can serve about 12 cups of your freshly brewed coffee.

How much is Starbucks carafe of coffee? ›

A carafe of coffee at Starbucks typically costs around $30. However, the price may vary depending on the location and the type of coffee beans used.

What is the cheapest thing to order in Starbucks? ›

Cheapest Starbucks Drinks
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee Tall.
  • Coffee Frappuccino Tall.
  • Hot Tea.
  • Iced Coffee (With or Without Milk)
  • Caffe Latte Tall.
  • Espresso.
  • Caffè Americano.
  • Hot Chocolate.
Sep 23, 2022

How much coffee is in a Starbucks pitcher pack? › Customer reviews: Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, Signature Black, Pitcher Packs, 8.6 Oz, Pack of 3.

How many people does a Starbucks coffee carafe serve? ›

The “Starbucks Traveler” is a convenient carrier filled with 96 fl. oz. of brewed coffee and includes cups, stir sticks and sugar. It serves about 12 people.

How many times can you use a Starbucks pod? ›

Starbucks pods are single use only.

What is a 150 item at Starbucks? ›

150 Stars may be redeemed for one (1) of the following items: any handcrafted beverage (such as a latte or Frappuccino® blended beverage) OR any hot breakfast item (such as a breakfast sandwich or oatmeal) OR any packaged snack item (excluding packaged protein boxes).

Do Starbucks travelers stay hot? ›

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler, which is designed to keep your coffee at its ideal temperature for hours at a time, is the ultimate in convenience. It is made of double-wall insulation, allowing it to remain hot for up to four hours.

Can you microwave a Starbucks traveler? ›

The Starbucks traveler coffee can be reheated, but it must be transferred to a microwave-safe container or mug. To avoid reheating, you can consume Starbucks traveler coffee within 3 hours of purchase while it is still hot.

Can I sit at Starbucks for 4 hours? ›

It's part of the company's mission. Starbucks' official response to this movement: "We strive to create a welcoming environment for all of our customers. We do not have any time limits for being in our stores, and continue to focus on making the Third Place experience for every Starbucks customer."

Is coffee good for 50 year olds? ›

Excessive amounts of coffee, however, can in many individuals cause very unpleasant, exceptionally even life-threatening side effects. Therefore, elderly persons are recommended to take moderate amounts of coffee which will not cause any health impairments.

How much coffee do I need for 60 people? ›

60 coffee drinkers in the morning, 40 in the afternoon. 40/60 morning drinkers will take regular which is four gallons, 1-2 gallons of decaf and 1-2 gallons of tea.

How much coffee do I need for 20 people? ›

Percolated Coffee
Number of PeopleRoast & Ground CoffeAmount of Water Required
101/2 cup6-1/2 cups
201 cup6-1/2 cups to brew double strength, then add an equal amount of boiling water to serve
302 cups (about 1/2 pkg.)24 cups (added to a percolator)*

How much coffee does it take for 12 cups? ›

To fill a standard 12-cup coffeemaker, you will need 12-24 tablespoons (or between 3/4 and 1 1/2 cups) of ground coffee.

How much coffee do you need for 40 people? ›

If 40 people drink regular coffee in the morning at a pace of 1 cup per person, that equals 40 cups of regular in the morning.

How many scoops of coffee do I need for 12 cups? ›

For a standard 12-cup coffeemaker, you'll need about 12-13 scoops of ground coffee or about 24-26 tablespoons. This will yield twelve 6 fluid ounce cups of coffee.

What cost $10 at Starbucks? ›

These Reserve bars charge $10 for cups of coffee that emerge from glass siphons. Seriously. Ten dollar will also buy you a flight of so-called Reserve brews.

What is Starbucks $3? ›

For $3 at Starbucks, you are able to purchase some basic beverages in a Tall cup, such as the following: Hot or Iced Tea (no lemonade) Single or Double Espresso Macchiato. Steamed Apple Juice or Steamed Milk.

How long do coffee boxes stay warm? ›

How Long Do To Go Coffee Containers Keep Coffee Hot? Since single-use coffee containers are constructed from disposable materials, they do not keep coffee hot as long as airpots. Despite this, carry out coffee boxes do manage to keep beverages warm for one to two hours.

How many scoops of coffee do I need for 8 people? ›

How Many Scoops Of Coffee For 8 Cups. If you're using a coffee scoop, the standard ratio is one scoop of coffee per six ounces of water. So, for eight cups of coffee, you would need eight scoops of coffee. Of course, this is just a general rule of thumb.

Is 3 mugs of coffee a day too much? ›

So how much coffee is the optimal amount to drink to get all the benefits, but avoid the negative side effects? According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it's safe for most women to drink three to five cups of coffee a day with a maximum intake of 400 milligrams of caffeine.


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