Moon Pie General Store, Chattanooga (2023)

Moon Pie Store, Pigeon Forge,TN

Join me, as I take you on a tour of the MoonPie Store. Located in the center of Pigeon Forge,TN. Enjoy!

Moon Pie General Store-Chattanooga

This N That takes a trip to the newly expanded Moon Pie General Store in Chattanooga!
You love the treat, now see a store completely dedicated to the this tasty legend!

Moon Pie General Store

Quick visit to the Moon Pie General Store in downtown Chattanooga TN. One of 4 of these stores. STUFF OVERLOAD! Food, and of course Moon Pies.

Moon Pie General Store Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Tour of Moon Pie General store

Moon pie haul!!!

Moon pies have been made daily at the Chattanooga Bakery since the brand's inception on April 29, 1917. Earl Mitchell Junior said his father came up with the idea for moon pies when he asked a Kentucky coal miner what kind of snack he would like to eat, and the miner requested something with graham cracker and marshmallow. Popular folklore, repeated and encouraged by Chattanooga Bakery itself, states the miner then asked the snack be as big as the moon,[1] which inspired the name moon pie.

There is a custom for eating moon pies with RC Cola, although the origin of this is unknown.[2] It is likely that their inexpensive prices, combined with their larger serving sizes, contributed to establishing this combination as the working man's lunch. The popularity of this combination was celebrated in a popular song of the 1950s by Big Bill Lister titled Gimmee an RC Cola and a Moon Pie.[1] In 1973, NRBQ had a minor hit with the song An RC Cola and a Moon Pie.

Since New Year's Eve 2008, the city of Mobile, Alabama has been lowering a 12-foot-tall (3.7 m) lighted mechanical moon pie to celebrate the coming of the new year. The giant moon pie descends the 34 story RSA BankTrust building at the strike of midnight.[3] Every NYE, the world's largest moon pie is cut and served to the public as part of the festivities. It weighs 55 pounds (25 kg) and contains 45,000 calories (190 kJ).[4]

An annual RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival is celebrated in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, and a moon pie eating contest is held in Bessemer, Alabama.

On October 14, 2017, Matt Stonie, a competitive eater famous in national eating contests, ate 73 single-decker moon pies in eight minutes at the Bass Pro Shops store in Memphis, TN.

Newport, Tennessee held its first annual Moon Pie Festival in May 2012.

The company is celebrating its centennial anniversary with a My Favorite MoonPie Memory contest. The grand prize winner gets a 100-year supply of moon pies. It's also taking a wrapped Winnebago across the country in the Fall, thanking its top customers and attending various sporting events and festivals.

In September 2017, as part of its centennial, Moon Pie returned to the original recipe, replacing high-fructose corn syrup with sugar and removing preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. ~via WIkipedia

(Video) Moon Pie General Store-Chattanooga

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Moon Pie General Store In Pigeon Forge Tennessee Tour

Lets take a walk around the Moon Pie General Store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
Address: MoonPie General Store and Book Warehouse 3127 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Phone: (865) 428-5708

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Dining Out With Comedienne Joy featuring the Moon Pie General Store

Alabama is home to the 1st Moon Pie General Store which is located in Mobile Alabama where they have the MoonPie drop every year. All things are moon pie including food & clothes. Comedienne Joy the Queen of Clean Comedy takes you a on a journey of some of Alabama's best restaurants, added with a dose of keep it real laughter. The food showcased is so good it makes you want to lie down at the table. So whether it's oxtails or fine dining, Dining Out With Comedienne Joy gives you a sneak peak of what to order and how good it really is. For more episodes go to or

Give Me an RC Cola and a MoonPie (Soda Tasting #137)

In the southern United States, the combination of RC Cola and a MoonPie is legendary. No one is really quite sure how it started. According to the MoonPie website ( it was in the 1930s when the duo was first paired as the working man's lunch.

An NPR story ( indicates that one popular theory for this was because they came in bigger sizes than their competitors, giving you more bang for your buck. Workers could purchase a MoonPie and a 10 oz RC Cola for a nickel each.

In the 1950s, country artist Big Bill Lister released a song, RC Cola and Moon Pie. There is even an annual RC MoonPie Festival ( held in Bell Buckle, TN. This episode was recorded in LaGrange, Georgia, 43 miles away from Columbus, GA, where RC Cola was invented.

The RC Cola brand is owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group in North America and Cott Beverages elsewhere. MoonPie is produced by Chattanooga Bakery.

Update: This soda was bottled by Dr Pepper Bottling in West Jefferson, NC. That bottler is known for only using sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. This bottle was labeled in a way that suggested it had both - with sugar as the second ingredient and HFCS as the fifth. But, after giving them a call today, it appears that the bottle is incorrect. The person I spoke with was surprised the bottle existed and I am going to follow up with them.

Update #2: I followed up with the bottler and I was told that the reason it is on the bottle is because there is HFCS in it - there is 1% HFCS and 99% cane sugar. It comes from the syrup that is used.

I'm joined by my friend Brandon Eley ( who authored the book Online Marketing Inside Out (

Was the combination of an RC Cola and a MoonPie part of your childhood? Please let me know in the comments.

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(Video) MoonPie General Store and Original Book Warehouse in Pigeon Forge Tennessee!

Thank you for watching.

Moon pie

A moon pie or MoonPie is a confection, popular in parts of the United States, which consists of two round graham cracker cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in a flavored coating. The snack is often associated with the cuisine of the American South where they are traditionally accompanied by an RC Cola. Today, MoonPies are made by the Chattanooga Bakery in Chattanooga, TN.
The traditional pie is approximately four inches in diameter. A smaller version exists that is approximately half the size, and a Double-Decker MoonPie of the traditional diameter features a third cookie and attendant layer of marshmallow. The four main flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana. Double Decker MoonPies also come in lemon and orange; MoonPie Crunch comes only in peanut butter or mint. In 2014, a salted caramel flavor was introduced.

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Splorin Ep 13 - Chattanooga, Rocket Fizz, Moon Pie General Store and Babies Eating Pop Rocks

Boppin' around Chattanooga with the fam. If you like Moon Pies- BAM! There's a Moon Pie General Store. If you like Cupcakes, BAM! Cupcake shop! Soda? BAM! Rocket Fizz! Jay Walking? BAM! Yeah....don't jay walk in Chattanooga.

My name is Ryan and I am a proud father, husband, and pop-culture geek living in Orlando, Florida. I spend most of my weekends exploring - both locally and abroad- and finally decided to bring everyone with me! Sometimes it's theme parks, some times it's historical locations, and other times's it's just interesting things I notice when I'm out and about. If you're a travel nut like I am, hit subscribe and join me for 'Splorin!

20th Annual RC Cola - Moon Pie Festival, Bell Buckle, Tenn.

A celebration of two snack items linked in Southern culture. (Shelbyville Times-Gazette video by John I. Carney)

(Video) LITTLE DEBBIE & MOON PIE GENERAL STORE #moonpie #littledebbie #chattanooga

Harvest Moon Pies - Only in Arkansas

(sponsored) Tucked into an unexpected corner of south Fayetteville, among other culinary surprises and lovingly curated shopping experiences, a sweet little Airstream holds even sweeter treasures inside. Harvest Moon Pies makes hand pies, full size pies, custom pies to order and even savory pies!

The end goal is to have a cafe and event space on East Huntsville Rd. This is our first step to that goal. We are a team of people, ages 21 to 79 who have pooled resources, time and energy to see if we can actually help move forward the idea of peace and gentleness through pie. Amanda Robinson, founder/baker

The pecan pie, y'all! I wasn't prepared!

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Moonpies and RC Colas… A delightful snack most commonly found in the southern United States. Dating back over 100 years now, MoonPies are made by the Chattanooga Bakery in Chattanooga; TN. Well to my surprise, Gayan brought back something similar to this from his time home in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan version is the Choco Pie! I thought I was back sitting in a small country store enjoying this little snack.
Moonpies were not the only goodies Gayan had brought back in his bag of treats. There was also chocolate candy, chocolate biscuits and some sandals all products of Sri Lanka.
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Locals only shop stresses Chattanooga goods

Danielle Landrum launches store giving outlet to local artists makers. and brands.

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(Video) Moon Pie General Store | Pigeon Forge Tennessee | Walkthrough & Sampling

Upward Bound - Camping at Chattanooga West KOA 2016

This is a video of our 2016 camping trip to Chattanooga Tennessee. We camped at the Lookout Mountain/ Chattanooga West KOA. We explored different areas of Chattanooga. We went to the Moon Pie General Store and Several other shops & bakers. Jackson had a great time at an indoor rock climbing gym. We enjoyed watching a kid friendly movie at the Wildlife Drive-In Movies. We also went to another minor league baseball game. And relaxed at another one of our favorite campgrounds!

Music on this video is provided as royalty free download from song is Life of Riley.

5 Awesome TV Ads From 70s

5 Awesome TV Ads From 70s - as part of the ads series by GeoBeats.

In Chattanooga, Main Street Is A Prostitution Strip

In Chattanooga, Main Street is a revitalized arts district, a place to buy crack and a prostitution strip. Mapping Main Street, a new documentary project, follows a prostitutes story of love and addiction, a monks daily journey and a young homeowner's struggle on Chattanoogas Main Street.

This story is the first in a series for NPR's Weekend Edition called Mapping Main Street. Once you start looking, youll notice Main Streets are everywhere and tell all kinds of stories. Theres a Main Street in San Luis, Arizona that dead-ends right into the Mexican border. The Main Street in Navasota, TX is a gravel road in the middle of a field. Main Street is small town and urban center; it is the thriving business district and the prostitution stroll.

Mapping Main Street is a collaborative documentary media project that creates a new map of the country through stories, photos and videos recorded on actual Main Streets. The goal is to document all of the more than 10,000 streets named Main in the United States. We invite you to capture the stories and images of the country today. Go out, look around, talk to people, and contribute to this re-mapping of the United States.

Mapping Main Street is produced by Ann Heppermann, Kara Oehler, James Burns and Jesse Shapins. Additional help from Josie Holtzman, Sarah Pelligrini and Ian Gray. Mapping Main Street is a part of MQ2, an initiative of AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio Inc., with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The project is also supported with funds from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Promo | Sweets Treats | Tennessee Crossroads | NPT

Any mention of sweet treats brings to mind a wide array of tasty delights. Perhaps you think of your favorite candy, cookie or ice cream, or even something a bit nuttier like candied pecans. With a variety of sweet ideas of their own, Tennessee Crossroads sent Joe Elmore, Gretchen Bates, Tressa Bush, Rob Wilds, Tammi Arender and Ken Wilshire all over the state looking for some of the best sweet treats Tennessee has to offer.

In Tennessee Crossroads: Sweet Treats, premiering on Thursday, December 9 at 7:00 p.m. on NPT-Channel 8 -- encore broadcast Sunday, December 12 at 10 a.m. -- Elmore and the crew buzz all over the state in search of the sweet life. Their stops range from the legendary, with a visit to Moon Pies in Chattanooga and Goo-Goos in Nashville, to the legends-to-be, as they drop in on Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Company in East Nashville and Lynchburg Cake and Candy Company in Lynchburg. They even sample the savory at Pennington Seed and Supply in Dyersburg.

From Memphis to Nashville to Chattanooga and the Tri-Cities, and several confectioners and bakeries along the way, the goal of the Tennessee Crossroads: Sweet Treats special is not to praise some delectable concoctions as being better than others, says Elmore, but rather to highlight both nationally-known and locally-favored treats, giving you a sampling of the many wonderful sweets being crafted down your street and across the state. It's an opportunity to experience the flavors and textures of Tennessee, and the history behind them, in a new way: the sweet way!

Ignis Glass Studio

Neat visit to a glass blowing studio in downtown Chattanooga TN.


What is the best flavor of Moon Pie? ›

Our findings are as follows: The original MoonPie is most superior and banana is the worst (unless you're friend-of-the-blog/wife-of-the-Jason Sarah, in which case banana is for some reason your favorite). Vanilla is a MoonPie for people who don't like chocolate and also aren't interesting.

Are MoonPies from Chattanooga? ›

From Chattanooga to the World.

Nothing said home more than a care-package filled with their favorite hometown snack. From the frontlines to the home front, MoonPie was the comfort food the nation turned to during the heroic days of World War II.

What was the original Moon Pie flavor? ›

Chocolate was the original and only flavor until the 1970s, when the bakery added banana. In the 1960s, the treat became so much more popular than any other treat they made that the bakery decided to exclusively make MoonPies.

How many different flavors of MoonPies are there? ›

There are normally five flavors of moonpies… chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, and salted caramel.

Are you supposed to heat up MoonPies? ›

Open it up, throw it in the microwave for about 10 seconds, and enjoy a warm MoonPie that's on a completely different level. While it's cooking, the marshmallow will expand and appear to be on the verge of exploding, but once the microwave stops, it will return to its original form.

Why are MoonPies popular in Tennessee? ›

One of the miners asked for a snack with graham cracker and marshmallow, requesting one “as big as the moon,” which is what inspired the name Moon Pie. At the time, Chattanooga Bakery was producing over 100 items but Moon Pies were flying off the shelves. By 1929, factory workers were boxing up hundreds every day.

How long are MoonPies good for? ›

The moon pies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days. If you live in a warm climate, like me, it's best to keep these in the refrigerator.

Who is behind MoonPie? ›

As the story goes, the original Moonpie — a graham cracker cookie and marshmallow sandwich dipped in chocolate and four inches in diameter — was first made in 1917, after traveling salesman Earl Mitchell attempted to answer the hungry pleas of local miners.

Who owns the Chattanooga Bakery? ›

This marshmallow and cookie sandwich grew to such prominence as an inexpensive treat that it was celebrated in songs, books, and even a festival or two. Owned by the Campbell family for generations, the company has produced billions of MoonPies over the years.

Are moon pies healthy? ›

The Moon Pie cake has been a classic dessert option since 1917. While we respect the chocolate marshmallow sandwich for being a staple, it's not necessarily a good-for-you choice, as one pie comes in at 300 calories and has nearly 30 grams of sugar.

Are Moon Pies banana? ›

The whole double-decker MoonPie is then covered with a layer of banana-flavored coating. This banana-flavored, double-decker MoonPie is a new twist on the original marshmallow sandwich.

Do moon pies taste good? ›

Because of the bright exterior you might expect something much stronger in flavor. Stomachs probably enjoy the more neutral flavors because they don't seem to get upset when fed Moon Pie after a hard effort. The overall flavor of the treat is cookie and marshmallow with a mild sweetness and a hint of banana.

Is there a strawberry Moon Pie? ›

Moon Pie Minis - Strawberry (110 Calories) 6 Ct.

Are MoonPies from Tennessee? ›

Created in 1917 in Chattanooga, TN, Moonpies are the perfect combination of marshmallow, graham and chocolate.

What flavor are yellow MoonPies? ›

The yellow ones want to take like banana but just taste yellow. The chocolate ones... (You get the picture.) Not as good as regular moonpies.

Do you put Moon Pies in the fridge? ›

To store, line a lidded container with parchment paper, and layer paper between each layer of cookies. Store moon pies in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

What happens if you put a Moon Pie in the microwave? ›

Open the package, place the pie onto a microwave-safe plate and zap it for about 15 seconds. Add a dollop of ice cream, vanilla preferably, and eat. Hitting the soft marshmallow cream with microwaves transforms it into something much sweeter, much gooier. Take care not to microwave it too much, it melts very quickly.

Are Moon Pies supposed to be soft? ›

Homemade Moon Pies are cookies from my current home state, Tennessee. They are soft vanilla cookies sandwiched around gooey marshmallow, then dipped in chocolate.

What dessert is Tennessee known for? ›

Tennessee: Banana pudding

Tennessee loves banana pudding so much that the state holds an annual festival for the dessert. If you can't make it to Tennessee for the event, try whipping up this easy Banana Cream Pie Pudding Cup recipe — it's one of those desserts that requires fewer than five ingredients.

What candy is Tennessee known for? ›

After all, the Goo Goo Cluster was the first ever combination candy bar, and the MoonPie was the brainstorm of a hungry coal miner. These delectable confections are more than staple treats, they have become symbols of state pride in Tennessee. The Goo Goo Cluster predates the MoonPie by only a few years.

What pie is Tennessee known for? ›

One of our favorite Tennessee desserts is the chess pie, a true Southern classic. Made with just eggs, butter, and sugar, with the addition of cornmeal and vinegar, this pie was the sweet born out of necessity and scarcity. People used to bake with what ingredients they had on hand.

Can you eat moon pies after expiration date? ›

A: Moon pies never expire. They last forever.

Can you freeze MoonPies? ›

I confess to freezing them in the summer as a kid. Very refreshing.

How do I know if my pie is expired? ›

If you left your pie out longer than a few hours, look for any "off" smell or appearance before serving. And, of course, if mold appears, toss that pie.

How much money does MoonPie make? ›

How much money does MoonPie make? MoonPie generates $29.0M in revenue.

Are MoonPies from China? ›

A mooncake (simplified Chinese: 月饼; traditional Chinese: 月餅) is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節).

What is MoonPies sisters name? ›

Moonpie teaches her little sister, Buttercup, how to use the ramp from (by the way, you can use discount code MOONPIE20 to get 15% off on the ramp 😊 from Buttercup is learning fast, thanks to her big sister.

Who is the CEO of Moon Pie? ›

MoonPie CEO and Executives

Based on our data team's research, Sam Campbell is the MoonPie's CEO. MoonPie has 100 employees, of which 1 are in a leadership position. Work At MoonPie?

Where are MoonPies manufactured? ›

The snack is often associated with the cuisine of the American South, where they are traditionally accompanied by an RC Cola. Today, MoonPies are made by Chattanooga Bakery, Inc., in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The traditional pie is approximately 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter.

How much does the mayor of Chattanooga get paid? ›

The average Mayor in Chattanooga, TN makes $84,799, 16% above the national average Mayor salary of $73,137. This pay is 3% lower than the combined average salaries of other metros Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL.

What is the healthiest pie for you? ›

Go for totally fruit-filled pies as opposed to those filled with higher-calorie ingredients like nuts and raisins. Choose pies with crust on the bottom only. Try these tips to lighten up your next pie. Try a galette (a.k.a. crostada), open-faced tart or turnovers made with lower calorie phyllo dough.

Why are moon cakes so high in calories? ›

For the salted egg yolks, they have a high content of oil and are also high in cholesterol. So it's not surprising that a traditional mooncake with 2 egg yolks contains up to 776kcal, which is 3 times that of a bowl of rice (260kcal)² or half of the recommended daily calorie consumption of a grown-up female.

Do Moon Pies have marshmallow? ›

A moon pie consists of graham crackers, marshmallow filling and coated in chocolate...

What flavor are Moon Pies? ›

Features. You know MoonPies are delicious. You know they're the perfect combination of marshmallow, graham and dipped in flavoured chocolate.

What state is known for MoonPies? ›

Earl Mitchell invented the moon pie in 1919 when he worked for the Chattanooga Bakery. While visiting a company store at a coal mine in Kentucky, Mitchell asked miners what kind of cookie they would like in their lunch pails.

Does cracker Barrel sell MoonPies? ›

Moon Pie 12 Pack Santa Gift Tin - Cracker Barrel. Free Shipping on orders over $100. *See product for details.

Are there lemon MoonPies? ›

Product Overview. These zesty lemon mini Moon Pies are ideal for on-the-go snacking, lunch boxes and as a mid-day treat. The delicious Moon Pie snack is made of two crisp graham crackers sandwiched around a marshmallow center, then covered with a layer of sweet lemon glaze.

What is the most popular mooncake flavor? ›

The top five best-selling mooncakes are filled with white lotus seed paste with salty duck egg yolks, lava custard, five kinds of nuts(almond, peach kernel, sesame, melon seeds, peanut), black sesame and red bean paste, with sales up by 37, 68, 10, 9 and 4 times compared with last month respectively.

Do Moon Pies taste good? ›

Because of the bright exterior you might expect something much stronger in flavor. Stomachs probably enjoy the more neutral flavors because they don't seem to get upset when fed Moon Pie after a hard effort. The overall flavor of the treat is cookie and marshmallow with a mild sweetness and a hint of banana.

What is the healthiest mooncake? ›

Snow skin mooncakes generally contain less calories compared to the traditional ones. However, this may not be the case, depending on the fillings; an average-sized durian snow skin mooncake can contain up to 900kcal of calories.

Who makes the best mooncake? ›

9 of the Best Bakeries to Buy Mooncake Around the U.S.
  • Fay Da. ...
  • Miss Moon by Domi. ...
  • Sheng Kee Bakery. ...
  • Mee Sum Pastry. ...
  • Kee Wah. ...
  • Chiu Quon Bakery. ...
  • Dong Phuong Bakery. ...
  • 85 C Bakery Cafe.
15 Aug 2022

Why is it called a mooncake? ›

In ancient times, mooncakes were a kind of offering to the moon. Over the centuries, these special cakes have become the most popular food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. They are named after the moon goddess (Chang'e), who is said to make this kind of cake.

Who eats MoonPies? ›

A Moon Pie, is an American snack, popular across much of the United States, which consists of two round graham cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in a flavored coating. The snack is often associated with the cuisine of the American South, where they are traditionally accompanied by an RC Cola.

Are MoonPies unhealthy? ›

The Moon Pie cake has been a classic dessert option since 1917. While we respect the chocolate marshmallow sandwich for being a staple, it's not necessarily a good-for-you choice, as one pie comes in at 300 calories and has nearly 30 grams of sugar.

Is mooncake a junk food? ›

Mooncakes are generally high in carbs, fats, and calories, which means they have a high potential to cause the individual to gain weight and overeat.

Which mooncake is the sweetest? ›

Compared to southern mooncakes – the type you find in Hong Kong – Yu says northern or Beijing-style mooncakes are sweeter. “Southern ones, like fresh meat and ham mooncakes, tend to be salty. Northern mooncakes have fillings like date and red bean paste which make them sweet.”

When to eat mooncakes 2022? ›

It will occur on these days in coming years: 2021: 21 September (Tuesday) 2022: 10 September (Saturday) 2023: 29 September (Friday)

How long do Moonpies last? ›

The moon pies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days. If you live in a warm climate, like me, it's best to keep these in the refrigerator.

What flavor is the Pink Moon Pie? ›

Features. 6 Individually Wrapped Moonpies. Delicious Marshmallow Surrounded by Strawberry Covered Graham Crackers. Delivered Fast & Fresh!


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