Are Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Still Together? They Just Gave Us A Clear-Cut Signal (2023)


Nov 18, 2022 1:00pm

After two years — and intense media scrutiny — Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have broken up.

Rumours of a split have been running rampant since the infamous Don't Worry Darling premiere in Venice, where onlookers noted the couple didn't pose for a single red carpet pic together.

Now, those rumours have been confirmed. People Magazine reports that "multiple sources" have confirmed the split, but that the couple remain close friends. They're "taking a break", as one source put it, while Styles heads off on his Love On Tour world tour.

Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde still together?

As of mid November, the answer is a resounding "no".

"Right now, they have different priorities that are keeping them apart," one source told People.

Another said it was a "very amicable decision".

"He's still touring and is now going abroad. She is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A.," the source said. (Wilde shares her children Otis, 8, and DAisy, 6, with ex-husband Jason Sudeikis.) "They're still very close friends."

The couple first got together aftrer Wilde cast Styles as the (male) lead in Don't Worry Darling, alongside Florence Pugh. The rumoured drama behind the film became a bigger story than the film itself, with reports that Wilde and Pugh had a falling out on-set — a story that reached a cresendo in Venice, where Pugh infamously skipped the press conference and notably didn't exchange a single glance with her director.

Rumours of Styles and Wilde splitting followed the press tour, but we had a few glimpses of them as a couple, like when Wilde was filmed dancing at Style's concert.

The couple then gave us one small moment at the New York City premiere of Don't Worry Darling in September, where they were pictured talking on the red carpet. But that was it. No peck, no hand hold, virtually zero PDA. Still, the interaction may as well equate to a full-blown pash by their standards.

Why did fans think they had broken up already?

Let's answer this one by starting from the beginning.

Reports claim that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde got together sometime in 2020 while they filmed Don't Worry Darling. That means they've managed to keep most details about their relationship away from the spotlight for almost two years. For any celebrity couple, two years is usually more than enough time to solidify themselves and climatise to the balancing act of maintaining a relationship in the spotlight.

Albeit a little later than other famous couples before them, Wilde and Styles finally addressed their relationship in their first joint interview with Rolling Stone in August 2022.

"I've never talked about my life away from work publicly and found that it's benefited me positively," Styles told the publication. "There's always going to be a version of a narrative, and I think I just decided I wasn't going to spend the time trying to correct it or redirect it in some way."

Of course, the next major milestone in any Hollywood couple's timeline is the highly anticipated red carpet debut. It's essentially a rite of passage—the hard launch, if you will—there's a media frenzy, the pictures go viral and relationship timeline articles are updated across the ether.

And that, dear reader, brings us to the break up rumours. While Styles and Wilde both appeared on the same red carpet in Venice, they never showed any sign of contact. Not once. Not even when the entire cast posed for a photo together.

To make matters worse, a seemingly awkward encounter in a red carpet video surfaced which convinced some fans that something was up—depending on how willing you are to trust a pixelated screen.

In the clip, Wilde was seen preparing for more photos when an assistant appeared to usher Styles to stand next to her, but it looked as though Styles snubbed the suggestion. Instead, he fist bumped Nick Kroll before positioning himself between Gemma Chan and Chandler.

To add fuel to the fire, the internet essentially combusted over Styles' "spitgate" encounter with Chris Pine, who again, was seated conveniently between Wilde and the British singer during the actual movie screening.

In the video, Wilde was seen looking at the rumoured spit on Chris Pine's lap while Styles took his seat with a satisfied smirk on his face.

It was all very mysterious, but there was no denying the couple's behaviour was decidedly uncouply.

"I think Harry + Olivia have split or had a big fight. They actively avoid eye contact," one eagle-eyed viewer wrote on Twitter.

"The photo of them at the premier of DWD they looked distanced and uncomfortable if they haven't already," another wrote.

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How did they get together?

Wilde split with her long-term partner, Jason Sudeikis, with whom she shares two kids in early 2020. At the time, ET spoke to a source who said there was no bad blood between the former couple: "They just fell out of love in a romantic way, but still have love towards one another as people. They consider themselves friends and co-parents first and foremost."

In November that year, Wilde opened up about casting Styles in her film, Don't Worry Darling.

"[Costume designer Arianne Phillips] and I did a little victory dance when we heard that we officially had Harry in the film, because we knew that he has a real appreciation for fashion and style," Wilde said at the time.

While it's unclear exactly when Wilde and Styles began a romantic relationship, they were spotted in January 2021 holding hands at a friends wedding.

"They were in Montecito, California this weekend for a wedding," a source told People. "They were affectionate around their friends, held hands and looked very happy. They have dated for a few weeks."

ET also claimed that the pair's relationship had grown on the set of Don't Worry Darling.

"Olivia and Harry are together for long days on set and have gotten to know each other really well, so it's all very organic. [Olivia] wouldn't let a romantic relationship get in the way of a professional one, so anything they're doing is being done thoughtfully."

Of course, 18 months have passed since those initial comments, and clearly, a lot has happened since then. But while the behind the scenes narrative around the upcoming film is convoluted (to say the least), it pays to note that nothing can be confirmed until it comes straight from Wilde or Styles reps.

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Are Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Still Together? They Just Gave Us A Clear-Cut Signal? ›

Reports about their breakup started to surface in the latter half of 2022 which stated, “He's still touring and is now going abroad. She is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A. It's a very amicable decision.”

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The actress and director reportedly will move in 'full-time' with her pop star beau after formerly being back and forth between Los Angeles, where she previously lived, and London. A source said: “Harry and Olivia are completely committed to each other and want to spend as much time together as possible.

Is Harry Styles single now? ›

Single or not, women go feral over Harry Styles and constantly outpour their love for the pretty-boy musician. Life & Style confirmed his split from ex Olivia Wilde in November 2022, and the Worcestershire native has been spotted with some of the hottest female stars since.

Who is Olivia Wilde's husband? ›

Image of Who is Olivia Wilde's husband?
Don Tao dei Principi Ruspoli is an Italian-American filmmaker, photographer, musician, and co-founder of The Bombay Beach Biennale. He is the son of Alessandro Ruspoli, 9th Prince of Cerveteri and part of the Papal nobility.

What is the age difference between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde? ›

In addition to be 10 years older than Harry, Olivia also shares two children with her ex Jason, which may have presented extra challenges for her new partner as they navigated her life without the children's father.

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They intentionally decided to keep the focus off their relationship by not walking the carpet together because they don't want to distract any more from the movie,” the insider tells HollywoodLife, seemingly referencing the recent rumors of a falling out between Olivia and Darling star Florence Pugh.


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